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Testimonials & Reviews

D.M. - TMS Patient

Submitted 02/01/21
I am very pleased with the care I've received at Carolina Psychiatry. Dr. Chowdhury recommended a new medicine to help with my problem and it has been a lifesaver. I'm feeling better than I have in decades. I find the doctor to be patient and attentive. Very understanding. The staff, either in person or on the phone, have always been friendly and helpful. I am appreciative of all they have done.


Submitted 01/03/21
Very kind, patient, and discreet. I love my provider, I love the whole establishment and staff honestly. I'd recommend it highly.


Submitted 02/05/21
Dr. Chowdhury is an amazing doctor. He is a very kind person and listens very intently to what the person is saying. I am very pleased with him and the overall practice. I highly recommend them.

Juan V.

Submitted 03/12/20
Great Drs and great staff!

Mildred T.

Submitted 02/03/20
Mr. Ayers is wonderful. He is kind and caring and very geniune. And has a great sense of humor and alot of the time, a smile and a laugh help more than anything.

Kimberly H.

Submitted 11/04/19
This is a good group of doctor's I am back to let everyone know my condition since going to TMS and getting the treatment that totally worked and took my depression away like I said in my first post It works ! I am still in remission of my depression and I had severe depression. I still feel great my head is still clear and not on over load that was the worse severe depression for years since my last post. Thanks to Dr. Chowdhury advised me to get the treatments and I am willing to try anything to get rid of all that depression. I got up everyday and drove to Greenbrook TMS and as I was feeling better and better I still wanted treatments... I am still dealing with severe anxiety but Doctor Chowdhury hand give me 2 more mg and I halfed it and took it with my 1mg 2 times a day I was feeling perfect no anxiety...But last opt. he took that extra ER 2mg away and I am fighting it but it did get a little better and with the extra 2 mg added to my dosage...was perfect I will ask him why he took it away not sure... but The depression is gone .. I have PTSD too bad the extra 2mg seemed to make me feel completely cured with my anxiety So I am going to ask him why he took that away....That would cure my anxiety.... and it also helped with some of my PSTD I felt normal not sleepy at all.... Depression and anxiety is one of the worst battle's to have to go through so if your are suffering from depression I recommend you to talk to Dr Chowdhury and get the treatments have fun again clear your head it feels great and still does Makes you want to go back to having a normal life... I was so depressed that I wanted to just roll in a hole...and I had never even thought about taking my own life but it did cross my mind there at the end... and I got the TMS treatments I want to live if I can get my anxiety cured I will be good to go....I have seen so many people dealing with depression crying out for help go get these treatment's they are worth it !!!!!!! <3

Candace P.

Submitted 10/16/19
The best

Tracy B.

Submitted 10/07/19
Great Staff and wonderful care

Anita P.

Submitted 09/25/19
I receive care from Dr. Chowdhury, Mr. Ayers, and Ms. Pevtsov. They all listen well and I'm satisfied with my care. However, if you ever try to contact this office via phone, don't be surprised if they don't answer and that the answering machine is turned-off. The "admin" side to this clinic needs to be improved.

Raven H.

Submitted 09/19/19
I’ve seen Dr. Chowdhury for years and have always trusted his opinions. I recommend him highly.

Samantha M.

Submitted 09/06/19
Dr. C listened to me and had alternate treatment plans that nobody else has suggested. It's a great feeling to be heard and not just passed off as another "crazy" person.

Joseph L.

Submitted 09/05/19
Great therapist.

Kimberly H.

Submitted 07/25/19
TMS was the best thing I have ever done... I have carried a lot of pain around with me for years... have suffered with Depression and anxiety for many years and medication has never worked right.... Dr. Shabbir Chowdhury, MD suggested TMS therapy!!!! It is something new and was the best thing I ever done. Now in complete remission, I feel great I went from a scale of 27 which is considered severe depression to a 5 which is considered in remission my medication started working for my anxiety and really all my medications started working better !!!! I feel like my old self again..... My head feels clear when it used to feel like it was on over load... This was an amazing experience.... It has been about 2 months since I completed the therapy and I still feel like a new person.. want to do things again and be around family and friends..... and so thankful for this treatment.... Depression and Anxiety are very real and I would recommend this to all who suffer from it …. Thank you Dr. , Shabbir Chowdhury, MD... for getting me the help I needed...seems everyday I feel a bit better.... and so thankful for it making my medication work better …..Get better be happy again go see this Doctor about it and start your way to recovery I did and would do it again...…… !!!!!